Welcome to Javier Vilchis Website

Welcome to my portfolio website, where recent designs are posted in addition to old favorites. Browse at your own risk and hope you like what you see. Don't forget to check back daily for new designs. Also, check my blog for news about the latest trends and other cool and interesting stuff.

I will like to invite everyone in the design, Art, logo designers, movie makers, color correction specialists, special fx experts and all of the people in the graphic and web design/developing industries to come and check my work. I found that the more you visit the various websites and share the challenges of designing and composing between each other, can make you a better designer and developer. I am based in Irving Texas but I am connected to Carrollton, Lewisville, Addison, Dallas and Richardson.

Browse at your own risk and have fun, please report any problems with the website to: info@javivilchis.com

if you must ring me right now, click the phone number if you are using your phone to browse my site 469.233.13.54

Running News and Interests

In a day like today, I married the most beautiful woman in the world in front of my family and our friends. We have learned many things through out our journey in life. I love being part of her life which enriches mine as the days pass. My wife, my friend, my lover and confiadant, I love you!

Leadville 100

today I received my invitation to be a part of the 100-mile out and back course in the midst of Colorado Rockies. This has been one of my most waited entries to receive. I cannot wait to take on the course and with God's help to finish without injuries and to receive that belt buckle I have always wanted to wear. Leadville 100


I've been selected to be sponsored by GotChocolateMilkTeam, I will be wearing their colors in various events I participate in, take a look at the events inside my running blog Javi's Running Blog

Mobile Apps and the money behind

At work we've been looking at creating a couple of mobile apps for the most popular mobile platforms like Android, IOS and possibly Blackberry. The amount of work involved in making them is substantial and the amount of time we have to create, test and deploy is about 6 months. This is a challenge, but doable task. I hope to learn how to create my first mobile app.