Austin Marathon 2015

A few of us decided to Run the Austin Marathon for the 2nd time. So, we signed up early in the year to get the best price of $60. At the time, my friends were hyped about running it again, since last time we had a blast in Austin. The months went by fast and it was time to go run it. So, I asked the friends whom had asked me to join them and to my not so surprised response, they backed off from it! I kind of knew I was going to be running it by myself, which is fine!

I told my wife about us being the only ones going and she disliked the idea at first, but since it was Feb. 14 weekend we decided to go celebrate with our friends who live in Round Rock (30 min. North of Austin). My wife and he friend planned a romantic dinner to the melting pot. We drove to Austin on Friday morning to pickup my bib and do the picture session my wife does. We had a surprise tag along by the one and only Amy Roybal and Will her boyfriend. We made a plan to go to the movies where I had a personal size pizza and iced tea. Then, we went to the hotel to check in and change for our reservation at the Melting Pot.

Did I mentioned the Melting Pot!, to be totally sincere ohh ohh! I didn’t like the place, I am used to be wowed by the fancy places. This place was not fancy although they claim to be fancy because they price their food so expensive. Anyways, thankfully there were 5 of us and since I was not going to eat, it really didn’t matter about where I was, as long as I was with my wife and friends.

I had a small bowl of soup and water the whole night, I drank too much water that I was even staring to worry.

Through out the night I woke up at least 6 times and my pee was still transparent, I was too hydrated! So, it was Sunday morning at 5:30 am and my pee was still transparent. I was embracing my self to stop at times during the marathon.

I get to the staring line and I am in the front of the starting line, stretching and doing my prayer to take on the Austin marathon safely. The weather was in the upper 70s and humid.

I started at a 5:40 pace for the first 2 miles, then backed off to 6:00 min/mile. I realized I was sweating a lot so, I started drinking the sport drink at every water station.

long story short, I was doing well for the first 22 miles. Then I felt fatigued in the section where is just a long flat road.
we came out from that road and we were off to the finish line …

I was at mile 24 1/2 when I saw my friend Amy walking and she joined me, she asked “are you ok?” I said “yes”, I imediate followed it by “do you have water?” she responded “no” then I was thinking for a split second “you are not good to me! lol”, good thing I didn’t say that out loud. ups! it’s all in good humor! she kept up for about 1 minute, then I told her that is my friend Froy in front of us, then I asked her “lets go!” my pace was 6:10 ish or so. She said “no” and she stopped. I caught on to Froy and I asked him if he was ok, he said “no, my legs are tired”, I said “lets go, I’ll push you” he said “I can’t” so I left him behind and I was able to finish in 3:07.

This was a great run with many new learning points.

off to Dallas to train for the Cowtown 2015 in 3 weeks. 🙂