Back to work

Today I start working again, I took off a week of PTO after the holiday break this past December. Now, I am ready, refreshed and willing to take on the projects ahead.

My running camp for winter has been good! I did many long runs and short fast runs to keep off the pounds. I had fun with my best friend which whom visited for 2 weeks. I learned a lot from him and he learned from me. This is what I like when he visits. We both learn from each other.

This weekend is the Houston marathon and I am excited to go, not because I plan to run my heart out, but because it is my anniversary weekend. yes, I do get to spend quality time with my better half doing absolutely nothing but relaxing. We are planning on driving this Friday after I get out from work. Then, driving back on Sunday after the marathon. I do have to work on Saturday for about 3 hours, I’m hoping everything goes well as I have a great team who is knowledgeable.

Alright! Cheers!