The unemployment is down to 4% the best time in 10 years, 90% of US Americans are insure, double production of renewable energy, stock market has nearly triple, poverty rate fell last year.. this was done by administering and being careful in the trade. By so many measures US is stronger and respectful. …. – Obama December 16, 2016.

With that opening statement, I am sure we are in need of a leader to keep on making the right decisions to move this great country forward. As a lead myself, you have to examine yourself every day and take time to absorb the task at hand before making a decision. Many depend on leaders to better the system and when this is something that might have slipped on a good decision making, there should be a check and balances system which would overrule the decision made… end of my political view.


I ran and got 3rd place at the Isle du Bois 55k then ran the Dallas Marathon the following weekend. Most of the time I run for the fun of running and being a competitive guy, this past 2 races was a test to my body to see if there was a way I could do well in both events. I came to a conclusion that my body needs that rest in order to do well. I was planning on running the Bandera 100k following by the Houston Marathon in 2017. However, due to the past performance I have decided not to pursue that action. I am considering going hard and strong at the Houston 2017 and at the Cowtown Ultra before moving to some High Altitude races I am looking at.

I hope and wish for a great 2017 running.

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