Cowtown Ultra 2018

cowtown ultra marathon 2018

The cowtown ultra is one of my favorite races. This year is way different, I’m more excited about participating because I was chosen to be an ambassador which empowers me to reach out to new/current runners to keep going and sign up for an event race during the weekend of the Cowtown. There are races starting from the 1-mile fun run, 5k race, 1/2 marathon, Marathon and Ultra Marathon distances. I wanted to do the Ultra marathon because last year I was the Master winner and wanted to make it a bit fun, I wanted to maintain that record, but at the same time, I was aiming to do better than last year. Last year’s time was 3:34 this year I was planning on going faster than that for 31 miles.

My training was a bit hard, because of the weather and health issues everyone around me were going through. The training consisted of staying healthy mostly while doing short runs at a higher effort. I am so thankful for the group of people who help me get out there and run. The WRRC group and IRC groups are some of the clubs I tend to run with.

Race Recap

I woke up late because of my alarm settings, I set my alarm to go off at 5:10 a.m. what I didn’t notice I set it to go off only for 5 days of the week (Monday – Friday). I woke up at 6:10 a.m. which gave me 10 minutes to get ready, well it didn’t give me anytime to do anything other than put on my racing gear and get out to drive over to ft. worth. it takes 36 minutes from my house to ft. worth, not counting where I needed to go and park.

I parked and ran to the start line where I jump over the fence for corral 1 and the gun fired before I even got to the start.

I went out pretty fast from the start since I started in the very back of the corral. I was going pretty fast and just trying to get to the front of the pack.

I knew I was going fast and I didn’t want to burn out in the first 5 miles. So, I found a good section for me to set my pace and I stayed at a comfortable pace. Didn’t look at my watch or anything, I was going for my feeling at that pace.

I’m going to skip to mile 14 where the IRC had a bottle of UCAN for me to drink. I drank that bottle of UCAN and proceded to go on. I was hacking something in my throat the whole way. Which I knew there was some sort of pollen but didn’t know what it was. I got to mile 24 where I saw Rick and he asked me if I needed anything? of course, I took advantage of the situation and asked him to fill up the bottle with my carbs, potassium and sodium concoction to ease up the symptoms of dehydration. I went out still feeling twitching sensation in my right hamstring. I then saw Rick at mile 30, I was hurting and didn’t have anything left, both of my legs were cramping from the hamstrings and had knots on the back of my legs. This is not good I kept telling myself while thinking about the 12+ Ft mountain I will be climbing soon. Rick he pushed me up the last mile and finish in 3:43 minutes keeping my Master’s title.

Things I learned from this race, make sure you understand your alarm clock. Have everything prepared the night before to rush out the door when surprised issues arise. Don’t look at your watch when running, go with your body feeling and keep on pushing. Study the route and weather conditions. Have fun and enjoy the scenery!

I hope you all like the recap and please let me know if I can help you achieve your goal.

BTY, Santhan achieved and surpassed his goal by 1 minute finishing the marathon in 3:14.20 his goal 3:15