Dallas Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon 2018

The time has come, I am running the DRNR Half marathon with my team “Team Chocolate Milk” this is my 4th year running with them and it is always a great festive day and week.

I met up with the team at the VIP area inside the Omni hotel in the Owners Box. The place was packed and with that, they were serving breakfast. It was interesting to see how many people actually eat as much as people were eating before the race. I was visiting with my team and getting to know other members. I had a plan for this race throughout the week.  However, that day ended up to be a very nasty weather day. With 60 + degrees and humidity in the 80%. I knew what that meant for me, so I was kind of ready to take on the heat and tried not to injure myself.


The race

I left the VIP area and ready to take on the 1/2 marathon, initially I was going for a 1:19 time, but I had to adjust the day of the race because of the weather. The new goal was 1:24, so I didn’t injure my self as this was kind of a practice run/race for me.

We took off at a 6:40 pace on the first mile to speed up at a 6:10 avg. pace for the first 4 miles. Then, I took a progressive approach, yes, I know it was not a negative split. I was trying to conserve for the hills from mile 8 – 11. I was by myself for quite some time, then some people would pass me only to break in the next mile where I would pass them. I had a good pace going on for most of the run, but it was so hot and humid that it was almost impossible to run at a stable pace.

In the last mile, I decided to speed up for the glory of it. I had more in the tank and was able to push my pace to a 6:15 pace and sometime during that last mile I brought it down to the upper 5 min. mile. I finished and met up with the rest of the fast people Jason Trevino and Dane Batzel (Runners from the Pint Striders and Team Cricket)

I headed out to the VIP tent where I signed up for a massage and eat some yummy food. After my massage, I sat down to have breakfast next to a girl which whom look so legit with her running gear (361)

I chatted with her for a few minutes, asking her first how she did and what did she think about the race. She responded to my first question by “I won it”, then I asked, “so have you run other RNRs or is this your first one? and have you done the one in Las Vegas, those questions were answered pretty well by her. Knowing that I didn’t have a clue who she was. I proceeded to finish a series of questions and sharing laughs. I then had to leave because I was meeting my wife at home. I then searched on the times and noticed the girl I had been talking to, was the one and only Olimpic medalist Sarah Crouch Whaaaaat! :0 yes, that was a great surprise. That was the cherry on top of my great time at the RnR 1/2 marathon. Btw, I did achieve my goal of 1:24 hrs.  How awesome is that! You never know who will you meet at these events.

Can’t wait for next year!