Fort Worth Marathon 2014

The Fort Worth marathon was held on November 15 start/finish at LaGrave Field, it was a bit better organized than last year kuddos to the organizer and company as well as the foundation “Run Like a Cheetah“.

Mile per mile recap with a disclaimer which it is not an excuse! I was sick during the race with respiratory illness due to a climate change from New York to Texas and the airplane viruses in it.

Well, since I got out of the way. I begin by saying, I woke up feeling exhausted and a bit anxious for the marathon not paying attention to my overall feeling I headed to LaGrave Field in Ft. Worth. When I arrived, it was a chilly 40 degree morning with a 5mph wind from the east. I felt good, I wore my skins and started stretching before the start. I did not see anyone I know in the front line, so I was kind of glad I was not going to have competition. I then started thinking about my self and how I felt, I was sniffling and kind of had a discomfort in my throat! I didn’t pay attention to it. I did my prayer and stretches, when I came to a stand still is when my body reminded me to pay attention to the minor things, so I started to assess my self and yes I was sick 🙁

Alright! 3 … 2 … 1… GO!

Mile 0-1:
I’m talking to the people trying to get comfortable with my pace and also making comments about not seeing anyone fast in the front. Then people started telling me about the guys in the front, but we were running at a 7:00/mile which is kind of odd to be in the front pack and not pushing. I didn’t tell the guys anything about me being sick, yet!

Mile 2:
There were 4 of us talking and chatting about the run while keeping an eye at 1st place which most of the runners knew.

Mile 3:
Everyone in the front pack is talking to each other, while clearing my nose I told them I was sick. They were surprised I was still running at this pace 6:45 – 7:00 minute pace.

Mile 4:
We are talking and pushing the pace, “Every time I look at my watch you push the pace” – said a guy running with 3 other friends in the front pack.

Mile 5 – 6:
Everyone is starting to get serious.

Mile 7 – 8:
We are still together but no body is talking, I’ve cleared my nose about 10 times by now, I’m still wearing a skin.

Mile 9:
This younger looking dude passes everyone in the pack and advances to the first place, I see that and stay with him. Everyone else is holding back, we are doing about 6 minute/mile

Mile 10:
This guy is pushing and I’m trying to stay with him.

Mile 11:
I have to stop to take off my skin because temperature ha now come up to 60’s, while i’m taking my skin off I’m yelling at the pack not to let that guy go. One of them, Juan catches up to him and sticks to him.

Mile 12:
I’m back with the pack, we are on the way to the top of the park

Mile 13: I’m by myself running at 7:30 going up to the top.

Mile 14: we are back down and on the road.

Mile 14 – 18:
the pack is no where to be seen because the 1/2 and 20 have now merged.

Mile 20:
I’m drinking water like crazy and gatorade.

Mile 21:
I’m feeling so exhausted and sick

Mile 22:
I’m so sick

Mile 23:
Why did I run sick. I want to throw up! from both ends.

Mile 24:
I’m stopping at water station to drink lots of fluids.

Mile 25:
Might as well push it! I’m practically done! I was laughing because I was letting anyone know I was running sick. lol

Mile 26: I’m done, just .2 miles to go!
Mile 26.2:
hmmmmm! i’m still running!

Mile 26.45:

Hey! I made it!
I saw Jen waiting for me at the finish line. She was being so supportive and wanting to give me a kiss on the lips. I had to ask her not to because I wanted to throw up. Yuk! I was feeling so sick and wanted to walk for a bit, so we went to my car. I changed clothes and came back to the after party. I saw my time and it was 3:14 which put me in the top 20 and 1st in my division. yay!

Picture from the morning of the race.

Fort Worth Marathon 2014