Houston Marathon 2014

The Houston marathon was held on January 19th, 2014. 25,000,000 people registered for the event out of those people 13,000 were full marathon runners. I personally was not aware of the multitude of people I was getting ready to run with until I got to corral B where I started. I was hoping to be in corral A. My plan was to stick with the 3:00 pacer group to at a later time during the race get ahead of them. I was presented with two challenges at the start, the first one was to get around all of the slow people running in front of me and the second one was to catch the 3 hr. group.

At first hand, when the gun went of to initialize the race I started walking towards the starting line along with hundreds of people trying to do the same thing. Once I got to the starting line I synchronized my watch and started the chase. I don’t like to linger around the people, fortunately I got to the end of the street and was able to start my chase. I only hit one person in the process, but it was not my fault because he stopped in front of me while I was running.

The chase kept on until I got to mile 10 where I caught up with the first 3 hr group, then I kept on going til I passed the second 3 hr. group. by that time I was doing 6:25 per mile which was too fast and I knew I had to slow down. I realized that I had started too fast and needed to either slow down or keep going until I couldn’t take another step. I decided to keep going 🙂

I later started to slow down by mile 19 🙁 I was looking for exciting ways to get pumped up again, instead I saw the worst advertising announcing the approximation of the wall. I’m still furious about those poster boards that read: “Are you Tired?”, “The Wall is Near”, … they were just emphasizing on mile 20 “THE WALL” which was the last thing I wanted to think about. At that time I was just going not paying attention to any of my surroundings and trying to sing in my mind and re-energize my body. I prayed and asked GOD to re-enforce my body with blessings and strength to make my mark. I don’t know at what time I passed mile 20,21,22 until I got to mile 23 where I stopped to rub my hamstrings because I felt some cramps lingering. I drank a full cup of gatorade and water. I stopped again at mile 24 and another at mile 24 1/2 to rub my legs.

I reached mile 25th and wanted to see if I could pull out more energy for the last 1.2 miles. I then saw the 3:10 pacer step out from the race, I reached to him and he must have thought I wanted the stick because he gave it to me and said “go for it, you got this” That was the energy I was looking for because I flew through the last mile, then I saw my wife and she was cheering for me as well as wondering about the 3:10 pacer stick. I kept on running strong, I was approaching the finish line, I could hear the crowd cheering for the finishers, I was coming more aware of what I was doing, I finally turned left to the last stretch of the finish line. I remember racing my hands and the crowd was cheering loud, I crossed the finish line and I was full of joy that I started laughing because I could not believe all the events that took place in the last mile.
I was full of joy, I walked and received my finisher’s medal. people were asking me about the 3:10 pacer stick and congratulating me.

Long story short, I told them I finished under the time.

2nd part coming soon… sty tuned!