Houston Marathon 2015

Well we I had another great run at the Chevron Houston Marathon with a new P.R of 3:00.59 almost breaking the 3 hour marker to move in sub 3hr cat. Next year! I hope to break that barrier and achieve a 2:46 as that is my ultimate goal to run a marathon in.

This P.R. also gets me qualified for the Boston 2016 marathon.


I was concentrated throughout the whole marathon with a couple of funny spots!

The first one happened at mile 17 where I saw a fellow runner who always runs at the same trail as the Irving Running Club does in North Irving. I saw him stopped rubbing his hamstrings from cramps. He was bent over with his hands rubbing his hamstrings! I looked at him and told him to keep going! I wanted to say many things to him because he has never, ever return my wave hi! when I see him on the trail. However, I felt bad for him because I see him training all of the time.

The second one, I always get a bad feeling when I see the worst posters of supposed encouraging writing on the course. they read: “you are about to hit the wall”, “wait, you are almost at the wall” … for 1 whole mile they have those discouraging posters. I was thinking about ninja kicking those posters, but I didn’t want to be banned from the marathon. lol

The best thing about this marathon was the fact of me wearing my sponsor’s gear #GotChocolateMilkTeam #Buildit and people recognizing the brand. I loved it!