Nasty miles

It has been quite an interesting year, my running has been neglected because of work. I’m not complaining at all since I happen to be one of the few people that can say “I love what I do and I try my best at being the best at it!” Having said that, I have the privilege to work as a web developer and share the knowledge with very savvy people in the industry. This year we have come together to standardize the way we do things in the different departments. We finally established a toolset! – so this is what I have been doing most of the year, plus the occasional new market in a new country! 🙂

So, it is the end of the year and I will be putting some miles in. So far everything seems to be going the right way. I have been pushing myself to get the best out of every workout run. I have been running strong, long and hard miles to catch up. I have even made a new word for my workouts, I call it the “[ Nasty Miles ]” – registration pending…

The nasty miles consist of at least 10 miles at 6:30 minutes and as low as at 5:50’s per mile. These are what I call Nasty Miles. That is at my threshold, this is my 3rd day running like that and I feel great! Today, I ran only 3 miles at 5:30 pace. I will run 7 miles later on today at an easy pace. Tomorrow Thursday I will be doing 10 miles total, Friday I will do 3 miles only and Saturday I have 20 miles with 6 at marathon pace. Sunday, 17 miles easy pace.

Monday – 20 miles
Tuesday – 15 miles
Wednesday – 20 miles
Thursday – 10 miles
Friday – 10 miles
Saturday – 20 miles
Sunday – 10 miles

Total: 105 miles for my highest mileage week.

I will be powering with UCAN Cinnamon flavor and UCAN Hydrate.

I will be using Altra ONE 3.5, Altra ONE 3.0 and Ascics nimbus.
for the easy miles I will be wearing vest and 2 x 15 oz. water bottles and a jacket strapped on the back.

Wish me luck and let’s do this! [ Nasty Miles ] week!

Javier Vilchis
web developer/UX/UI Expert