New puppy

On Friday January 27th my wife flew over to Missouri to pickup what it is now our 2nd boxer puppy. We had been wanting to find a companion for Dexter our 5 year old boxer. We finally have a beautiful 3 month old new boxer puppy named Jordan after my wife spend 2 days deciding the name of this gorgeous new puppy.

A new chapter begins in our life with 2 boxer dogs and a cat. I will post more about his progress at home.

Training for cowtown ultra

Training has been good! This coming week is my high mileage week, going from 70 and trying to close at 100 miles. These miles will be a bit slower than the usual because I don’t want to get hurt. This past week was the hardcore fast miles and closed at 73 miles for the week.

1 month to go! Let’s do this!  #UCAN #TeamChocolateMilk