Dallas Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon 2017

One of my favorite runs this far!

Needless to it was a hot day, but not as bad as the previous day!. That was the talk among the runners at the star. I got to the corral a bit later than I usually do, but I got there and saw a bunch of my running friends there. The first thing that was asked to me was, are you racing it? are you going 1:19? I have raced this event in the past. This time, I had a goal in mind, it was to run the first 6 miles at 6:15 per mile, then drop it down to 7 or so. However, I was wrapped in the moment and I kept my pace at an average of 6:22 for the whole run. I’m still kicking myself for doing that!

The reason behind me trying to stay at 6:15 pace for the first 6 miles is to treat it as a training run for my upcoming 200 mile relay http://texasindependencerelay.com/, which has me running 4 legs 2 x ~6 miles and 2 x ~4 miles at 6 minutes per mile. So, now you know why I’m kicking myself for not staying with my plan. For that, I had to do more recovery than if I had done only 6 miles. I felt good and I got wrapped into the race and that is what happens!

I had a lot of fun with the people cheering on the sidelines and I got a few nice pictures taken of me.

For the interesting part about this event was all of the logistics prior the event. It was like if someone wanted to sabotage my entry/participation! I arrived at the expo on Friday for a quick pick-up package and leave. When I got there, I looked for my name of the registered people and couldn’t find me. After asking the registration people about it, they couldn’t respond! I looked for the TCM booth and they didn’t have a booth! I called TCM rep and then sent out an email to the TCM with no response. I looked for previous emails and conversations I had with TCM but couldn’t find any sign of my registration. I was in panic mode and disappointed on myself for not checking my registration.

The first thing about being a developer is you always check your work! and always think of the error on your end before searching anywhere else. Never blame! always Fix it and move on!

Thankfully TCM responded and sent me the code so I could register! Then, I was asking myself how am I going to get in the VIP to meet up with the rest of the group if I didn’t have a band on me? long story short, I was able to get it after I was done running and I had a great time inside the VIP area.

I am very thankful for Team Chocolate Milk who is always there to support runners like me! and to every spectator who came out to cheer on the crazies (runners)

Until next year! RnR Dallas

— pictures taken by Amma Sattar