Rock and Roll Half Marathon Recap

Dallas Rock and Roll half marathon The Dallas Rock n’ Roll half marathon is one of my favorite half marathons. This is my 3rd year running it and it is always a great feeling along with good stories to tell. The only problem or good thing is that the weather could be really cold or just cold. This time it started around the 30’s and probably got up to the 40’s by the end of the race. I personally love running in the cold especially now that I mastered the snot rocket lol.


This recap is especial because my sister Jenny got to run the same race plus this was my first race after the Cowtown marathon just last month and my comeback from shin splint on my right leg. I was afraid my leg would give up, but happy that Jenny was running her second half.

Before the race I had jenny to start with me in corral 1 right along with all of the elite runners up in front of us and the fast runners all around us, I didn’t feel intimidated, but I remembered that Jenny was on my side to start together. I whispered to her “everyone will be taking off like rockets, make sure you don’t do the same, don’t get drag into their pace”, this was just seconds before the gun sounded, right after the Star Spangled Banner was sang beautifully by a local singer. Race to commence in 15 seconds, the smells are just awful because of the heavy farting that is going around, funny! but true.

The race starts, everyone just takes off like rockets shooting up in the air trying to get the head start. Jenny takes off with them at a 6 minute mile pace. I started with my right leg which felt not so great, but had to endure the pain for a bit. I caught up with jenny in the half mile, I immediately signaled her to slow down and pace herself. I stayed at 6:30/mile and kept up like that for the first 3 miles, I then had to slow down because I remembered that I was coming back from an injury and did not want to injure myself again, I stayed at 7 minute/mile.

Mile 3 I was enjoying the cold weather and the nice route. I was feeling great, my legs felt strong and my stomach was good too. I was amazed by a karaoke singer in one of the band booths on the side of the course. She was singing some blues and was ammmmazzzing. I send Kudos to her.

Mile 4 I saw a guy wearing a green shirt that passed me just talking doo doo to some other runner, I did not like that so I kept an I for him as he just kept going in front of me. Then this other kid 6’2″ at least passed me with a great sprinter stride and I said to my self ahhh I will stick to him to block the wind. Did I mentioned that the winds were blowing at 20 mph? I kept up behind him for most of the race.

Mile 5 Nothing to report here, I was focus on my stride and trying to block the wind.

Mile 6 There were many cheerleaders cheering for the runners.

Mile 7 I see this woman wearing a Luke’s Locker tank top, she was grabbing a bottle of what appeared to be orange juice with no label on the bottle from a guy handing it to her. It made me look at her and then I realized that along the way everyone was cheering for her, the people were shouting her name along with “Go Janice”, “you are almost there Janice”, “you look strong Janice” I was thinking man this person has a mission. I then was smiling because in not too far away from me, I could hear the song “Con los Terroristas” – Harlem Shake, as I kept moving forward I would hear the song getting louder. I got to the corner of that street and I saw a bunch of kids wearing costumes and doing the Harlem Shake, that made me laugh! You kids were awesome!

Mile 8 I felt great and I decided to change my stride to my race stride. I sped up to 6:40/mile.

Mile 9 I picked up a GUE packet and then I realized it was vanilla flavored, Yuk! I threw it away. I was passed by this guy that looked Hispanic because of his dark complexion. I approached him by saying “que tal amigo” then he turned around and to my surprise he was what appeared to be a white dude that stayed in the sun or sun bed for too long. I think I changed my expression to a surprised one when I saw his face. It was freaky!

Mile 10 I see Janice the girl from Luke’s team, she is hauling a$$ and didn’t find the need to catch her so I stayed behind. We then hit Swiss Ave. and I noticed that Janice was slowing down because of the wind, there was no one to get behind so, when I saw that I decided to help her achieve her goal which ever that might be. I said, “hey Janice you can get behind me” she said “thank you” so I pushed the pace to a nice 6:50/mile against the wind. We went like that to Haskell Ave.

Mile 11 I said to Janice that I needed to slow down and she pulled out a shock and gave it to me. I said to her thank you but I needed to save some for the last mile and told her that when the last mile hit I would be taking off. I kept my racing stride going, my legs felt that sprint against the wind.

Mile 12 I take off to a 6:30/mile pace I’m not sure which way the finish line was going to be so I held back my pace, shoot! the finish line is right around the corner but which corner?

Mile 13 I hear the cheering for the finish line, I decide to push it, but it was too late I was already there. I saw my nieces and nephew cheering for me so I saw them and said hi to them.. I see my wife on the side cheering as well! I finished yay!

Finish line I made a promise to my nieces and nephew to take a picture at the finish line with my arms crossed and smiling so I did! lol that was hilarious. I had a lot of fun, I assessed my legs and they were good I didn’t feel any pain or tired. I decided at that moment that I was back! I had a banana and a chocolate milk to recover.

My wife came along to the finish line to hand me my bag of changing clothes and water bottle. I changed shirts and went looking for Jenny, I was worried she would not make it, I went just around the corner of the finish line and saw her, she asked me if she could push it, I said yes!. Now? she asked, I said, wait, sprint when you touch the blue section on the pavement. She did and she finished strong at 1:40 that was a great time and a great effort! I love my sister and the great effort because I know it is a lot harder for her to train with 3 kids and a house to take care of along with work. Kudos to Jenny and congratulations for finishing in a great time. To Janice, it was great to meet you and help you along the course. I hope you achieve the time you were looking for.