Silver Rush 50 – 2017

Went ran and conquered! New personal record for my mountain 50 mile run.

Many might ask, why is your time so high? I can do it in less time? I’m telling you because I used to be one of those who would ask the same thing. Let me explain a bit about these races. Usually mountain running happens where there are mountains, duh! elevation varies from 200ft up to 14k ft. in elevation. The second is, this is trail running for that you have to deal with rocks, boulders, hidden boulders, roots and many other elements that make these trails hard to run on. I hope one day you get to go up there where the temperature changes as soon as you blink! and where the weather might strike you with some hail, snow or lightning with heavy rain.

The leadville silver rush 50 was on the hot side! it started at around 45 degrees and went up to 82 degrees. I felt just fine with either temperature, I wish I had put on sun screen on my neck and shoulders.
I was running conservative at the beginning. I started pushing my pace after the half mark. I went up like a champ to the top of the mountain, I had about 15 people chasing me. Then, I made the wrong turn down the mountain grrr! I went down 1/2 mile which meant I had to go back up. It happens! I kept saying that to myself. I checked my place and I was way off my placing time and that is when my mind started to play with me. It kept saying “stop” it’s not worth it anymore, you made the wrong turn! …. after a while I forgot about it and I kept on pushing my pace down the hills. I kept on pushing, I kept on eating salt tablets like if they were rasin covered in chocolate!

Right about 3 miles before the finish line, I started to cramp! thankfully there was a runner right next to me when it happen. Which whom offered his salt! I took a big palm full of salt and voila! I was back. I passed a few other people and finally I got to the finish line in 10:06 from start time and 10:01 chip time.

So, next time I will study the map so I would not make the same mistake!