Skunk, snake and a shake

Sunday morning we decided to run from Downtown Dallas over to Sundance square in Ft. Worth. I called it going out for breakfast run. Several of us joined the crazy idea of doing a long distance run. We took off at :11:58 p.m. Saturday night and arrived to sundance square a little before 6:00 a.m. Then, we took Uber over to O’l South breakfast restaurant to rejoice the great achievement. There have been a few people to run from Dallas to Ft. Worth, obviously slower than us! LOL.. We have now joined the few and the proud.

This run was only 39 miles, thank God! we didn’t have anyone getting injured during the event. I had to make a pit stop a bit after seeing Ft. Worth skyline. So, if you own a property out in the fields! I tried to bury my did 🙂 Having said that, it is a challenge to know what you would eat at night and even prior starting the run. I ate a big salad in the morning and rice in the afternoon. I then, used 3 bars of UCAN peach flavor during the run. I felt good, I wanted to go for more miles 🙂 Never the less, we had a lot of fun! I looked up to the sky a few times to admire the great looking moon lighting the road. We saw, heard and experienced many things along the way. The two most notable things we experience are interesting, starting by hearing multiple guns being shot in the air just around mile 2. Then, around mile 30 Connor and I were running when a skunk had it’s tail lift ready to fire/spray us. Thankfully, Connor saw it and we both jumped out of the way. wufff! that would had been nasty!

We arrived to sundance square and that was just pure joy! We finished a long run and everyone made it.

What a great group of friends I have! I thank God!