Specializing in web design and development, I help extricated companies stand out with the use of my expertise in the advertising media. After looking at my portfolio samples you can see the quality of work and experience I have of the different media I work with.

I strode to my current position by the help of the small companies. For that, I understand the importance of having the best person working on your website, stationery package, graphic adds and other means of advertising.

I am most experienced in flash applications,web development and graphic design.

Here is a list of programs I use and have advance knowledge of:

Languages Programs Graphics Programs Others
HTML Notepad Photoshop Studio Max 3d
XHTML Microsoft Office Suite Illustrator Strata CX
CSS Windows XP Image Ready Poser
Javascript Mac Painter Bryce
ActionScript Dreamweaver Gimp Wavelab
Lingo Fireworks Elements Sound Forge
PHP Go Live Claris works Vegas audio/video
MySQL Hot Metal Corel Draw Saw audio
ASP.NET 2.0 VisualStudio 2005    

I am a cross platform user, I also posses many other techniques that I implement in order to get the work done. One of my most admiring qualities, is the way I do my job and the fast pace environment I create while achieving quality and efficiency.

view illustration samples Illustrations

Various vector illustration created with Illustrator.

view web designs Web / Interactive

Work samples of websites, interactive Flash and animation.

print layout design Print Design

Commercial printout materials: Business Cards, Brochures, etc.

logo identity designs logo folder Logos

logos / identity work samples.

sketches / drawing sketches folder Sketch

Traditional sketches drawn with color pencils, markers, etc.

Tradeshow booth Tradeshow booth Trade Show

Traditional sketches drawn with color pencils, markers, etc.

Graphic Design sketches folder Graphic Design

Graphic Design images and image manipulation.